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About Fact+Fiction

The Fact + Fiction range is perfect for gym bunnies, mummies, commuters, short haulers, long haulers and laptop luggers.

Fact + Fiction’s clever compartmentalised, anti rummage deigns keeps handbag essentials totally separate to all the other things that we women need to carry, but don’t want on public display - baby paraphenalia, sweaty gym kit, food, a change of shoes, a change of underwear for the plane.

Who wants to open up their handbag to see a pair of shoes wrapped in a plastic bag, or a pack of nappies? Who wants to carry two bags everywhere they go and maybe a third for their laptop? Who wants a water or baby bottle leaking into their bag , or pull out a sweaty sports bra instead of their wallet?

Fact + Fiction offers a designer attention to detail with a practical attitude to life, a unique mix of fashion and function (hello hygienic handbags) to keep your stuff separate and your essentials handy.

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